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Chief Morale Officer

Mitchell Ferguson


Mr. Ferguson was proudly appointed Feldman Ruel’s Chief Morale Officer in February of 2020, a role he approaches with utmost seriousness. Before joining the firm, He served as a dedicated stay-at-home dog, tending to the needs of his beloved humans. His responsibilities include strategic napping initiatives, the distribution of slobbery kisses, and his signature program, daily post-lunch trashcan inspections. Mr. Ferguson also advocates for the development of strong verbal communication skills as he often loudly reminds his coworkers. In fact, his personal mantra is, “Woof woof! Bark! Woof!” Despite lacking a tail, his spirit wags with boundless enthusiasm. He is committed to fostering a workplace where happiness reigns supreme, because he knows that a happy team is a productive team. Mr. Ferguson is the first (and only) to offer a friendly hump to new employees or visitors. In his personal time, he enjoys basking in the sunshine, chewing on a good bone, and spending time with his family.

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Mitchell Ferguson

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